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Self opening and closing

door operators

Why the need?

Self-opening and closing doors are an essential helping hand for people in wheelchairs, elderly people and people with pushchairs and buggies.  They are even a nice touch if you have a shop or office reception to welcome visitors.  Even in offices it’s a must when you have the morning cups of coffee on a tray or hands full of boxes and you can’t get the office door open or try to get through without dropping everything and scalding yourself.  This is where door openers come in use.  Door openers will do the work for you automatically.  Instead of having to stop, just walk towards it and if sensors are installed, the door will automatically open allowing you to walk through freely without the need to stop.  If you have push buttons then you just touch the pad and the door will do exactly the same.  It’s as simple as that.  For those high security areas we can even incorporate magnetic or high security locks and keypad access for added security. Specially designed curtain sensors constantly scan both sides of the door automatically stopping it or reopening it in the event it detects an obstacle.  An essential if children or elderly people accidently step in front of a moving door. The units can also be linked to your buildings fire detection system and can be programmed by our installers to perform the task required to conform with your building requirements.  We can liaise with your fire alarm maintenance company if required. Have a double door?  No problem. Our door controllers can be installed on both single leaf and double leaf doors.  One controller (master) tells the other controller (slave) what to do so they can work in conjunction with each other.  They can even open outwards or inwards depending on circumstances. Every client and building is different which is why we spend time recommending the best methods in controlling the door openers.  Whether it be fully automatic using microwave detectors, manual push switches or remote controlled we have the solution.  We will tailor the installations to individual needs.

Who do we recommend?

Having tried different manufacturer’s, we only recommend CDVI equipment.  Programming and setting up is done using an on-board LCD screen built into the unit.  Each unit is supplied with a programming remote control which always remains inside the controller so that the end user can make adjustments if needed.  We recommend that any alterations are carried out by us which can be done as a service or at a nominal cost.  CDVI door controllers have a battery backup as standard. In the event of a power failure the door will still work normally.  They also come with a standard 2 years guarantee.  You don’t get that with many manufacturers.  We offer a full backup service in the event of a problem. For more information or a demonstration then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01889 358314 or 07980 920612.
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